Dr.Jose Matheikal wins award
CONGRAS!Dr.Jose for the awards won recently Videos of the award winning speeches are in Knowledge corner of our website. Matheckal Families and members may like to wish Dr. Jose and watch the videos. These videos may inspire our young children to excel in their life.

13 MAY 2017:Silver Jubilee of Matheckal Kudumbayogam
25th Matheckal Kudumbayogam on 13 May 2017 in Arakuzha.Chief Guest Archbishop Mar George Njarlakkat
All Members may kindly grace the occasion and attend the function
13 May 2017 also marks the 100the year of the Aparition of Our Lady at Fatima.
21st Heavenly Birthday of Fr.John Matheikan
21st Heavenly Birthday of Fr. John Matheiken is on 31st May,2016.
Thanksgiving Mass at Sobhana Eng.Medium School Kothamangalam 7 am

Golden Jubilee of Sr. Fidelis Matheikal
Golden Jubilee of Sr. Fidelis Mathikal celebrated by Matheikal family members on 7th May,2016 at Arakuzha

Matheikal Kudumbayogam 2016
Matheckal Kudumbayogam held on 14th May 2016 at Meenkunnam

Golden Jubilee of Sr. Fidelis 30 April 2016-29 April 2017
CONGRAS!SR.FIDELIS on your Golden Jubille Matheckal Families and members may like to wish and offer prayers of thanksgiving on the occasion of the golden jubilee of the religious vows of Sr. Fidelis (Mary Peter) Matheckal. The celebrations is on from today for a year beginning with thanksgiving celebrations in the her convent
Matheckal Family celebrates this on 7 May 2016 at Arakuzha. Sr. Fidelis is the daughter of Late Pathrose Varkey and Annamma daughter of Augustine Kaniyamattam of Vadakara and born as Mary.She is the sister of Jose (1938), Sunny Peter (President Matheckal Kudumbam), Philomena Thomas Parekkattil, Sr.Kusumam(Thressia 1953), Maria Lucy Joy Olickal,Anice Baby Kochuparambil and Varkey Pius Matheckal.
Sr.Fidelis excelled in her various assignments and is well know for her pleasantness and selfless dedication in every task assigned. Congras! Sr. Fidelis..
.Festive mood enthralls our hearts, lifts our spirits in rhythmic melody. Festive mood makes us glad to dance with happiness..For this is your Golden Jubilee..
Pls read full life of Sr. Fidelis and the Matheckal Thekkumalayil family in Chapter 8, 196 to 212 of Matheckal Family Journal 2013 which is available also on www.matheckalfamily.org

Final Good Bye to Fr.Joe Matheikal -Kunjachan
Mass Offering for Late Fr. Joe Matheikal SJ is being celebrated at 6.30 am MORNING on 10th,October,2015.at St.Marys Forane Church, Arakuzha. Fr.Shine Matheikal will lead the requiem Mass.
All Matheikal Family Members are requested to join the services and offer prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude for the gift of Fr.Joe Matheikal SJ to the Matheckal Kudumbam.
Fr.Joe sang his way to Heavan:He sang his way to heaven."I’m on my way to Heaven and the journey gets sweeter every day. Walking with Jesus, talking with Jesus all along the way. My soul gets so happy I shout and I sing night and day. I’m on my way to heaven and the journey gets sweeter every day."
Final goodbye to Fr.Joe Matheikal SJ is at 2.00pm on 10 Oct,2015 at Jesuit Cemetry, New Delhi.
Members may like to offer condolences to Prof Sonny (Mathew) Matheikal on +919447456277 or on email: mathew@matheikal.com
Pls read full life of Fr. Joe Matheikal [Kunjachan for us] Matheckal Family Journal available also on www.matheckalfamily.org

Fr.Joe Matheikal SJ -Kunjachan passes away.
Our elder priest Fr. Joe Matheikal SJ, left for his eternal abode at 8.00 pm on 8th October,2015
We join in prayers to wish him on his first birthday in his eternal home.
The mortal remains will be laid to rest at 2.00 pm on Saturday,10 October in Delhi
All Matheckal Family members are invited to attend and requested to join in prayers and bid farewell to this illustrious Matheikal Son.> A day before he passed away, Fr.Joe was conscious and greeted his brothers Sunny and George, Mrs. Soja George.
Fr.Joe was a remarkable jesuit and excelled in several fields and rendered high calibre religious service and apostolate Fr.Joe is survived by sisters Sr. Jude IBMV -Mary (1935), Sr. Jovan-Rosely (1937), Tressy (1943) brothers Kuriakose (Baby (1933) Mathew (Sunny 1939), George (1953).
Members may kindly offer their condolences to brother Prof.Sunny (Mathew) Matheikal -+91 9447456277
Thomas Joseph born in1931 also known as Kunjachan, is the eldest son of Pathrose Thomas (1900) and Mariakutty, graduated in Science prior to his joining the Jesuit Order in Patna, was ordained a priest after completing the theological studies in the United States.
Fr. Joe served as a missionary in fields of academics, teaching, legal services and homeopathy services for the poor.Fr.Joseph (Joe) Matheckal SJ has the distinction of being the first among the Matheckans to go abroad and study. He was into academics and teaching.
Fr.Joe graduated in Law with a view to provide legal aid and services to the poor.Later in his life, Fr. Joe Matheckal learned homeopathy and rendered treatment.
Read his full story in the Matheckal family journal and Bed time stories

Seventieth Birthday of Patron of Matheikal Kudumbam.
Our Mentor Patron Fr. Jose Kalliyel Kannathukuzhy Matheikal is celebrating his Seventieth birthday today - 4th August 2015.

We join in prayers to wish him on his birthday

Matheckal Kudumbam has planned to celebrate this occasion of the Sapathi of Fr. Jose on 16th August,2015 in Arakuzha

All Matheckal Family members are invited and requested to come to Arakuzha to join this happy momement

Members may wish Fr. Jose on +919497386003 or through email :frkunjumst@hotmail.com

June 29,2015 - Kerala Council of Historical Research Archives Matheckal Family in its Library
President Sunny Peter MG writes...

KCHR -Kerala Council of Historical Research, Government of Kerala has enlisted the books of Matheckal Family in the Government Archives and KCHR Library for research and preservation of our cultural heritatge, knowledgment management of family culture and heritage.

The books enlisted are:

1. Matheckal Kudumbam (Malayalam 1992) 2. Matheckal Family Journal 2013 (English 2014) 3. Cherukulam Family History (1886) 4. Padamudrakal by Fr. John Matheikal (1998).

They have already archived the digital version of the above in their digital library

KCHR also plans to link matheckal family website www.matheckalfamily.org to KCHR website in the near future.

Congratulations to our Kudumbayogam Committee specially President Sunny Peter Matheikal and Treasurer George Joseph Matheikal Emmanuel Thomas, Sr.Susan Matheikal and Diana Matheikal for this creative initiative.

Feast of St.John the Baptist June 24th.
Fr. John Matheikal celebrated his feast day with all near and ones every year till he died in 1995. We join in prayers to wish him on his feast day.

Matheckal Kudumbayogam held on May 9,2015, the Birthday of Founder Mathunni Karanavar.
President Sunny Matheckal writes...

Matheckal Kudumbayogam held on May 9- the Birthday of Mathunni Karanvar in Erthadathil Jose's (Sr.Susan's house) to promote better bonding among various families as suggested by one of the previous Chief guests. Now this may become a regular feature in future.

.Essay and quiz competitions conducted for children based on Matheckal Family Journal and prizes were given.

Sr. Georgia felicitated on her golden jubilee.

Fr. Jose Kalliyel presided

Chief guest, Prof.Mathai of Kolencherry college highlighted the need of Kudumbayogam and described the the Family Journal in terms of its content, relevance and need to preserving the family roots and values down the generations.

Marble slabs with names Matheckal ancestors of all four branches errected in the the old cemetry adjacent to the Church - all ancestors buried there -

All committee members and volunteers Deacon Tome Jose Kalliyel, Sr. Susan took active part.

Fr. Jose Kalliyel and Fr. Wilson SDB launched the Kudumbayogam with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist

Detailed report to follow

April 30,2015 - Our Senior Patron Fr.Joseph Kannathukuzhy Sr needs our Prayers.
Emmanuel Thomas writes...

Fr.Joseph Kannathukuzhy, the Senior Patron of Matheckal Kudumbam is ill and is admitted to St.Marys Hospital Thodupuzha.

Our Paton priest is responding to treatment. Members may please pray for his speedy recovery

Many members have visited him in the hospital to enquire about his health. Please contact Emmanuel Thomas 9446506802, President Sunny Matheikal 944672071 or Our Patron Fr.Joseph Kalliyel 9497386003 for further details.

April 25, 2015 - Matheckal Family Celebrates the Golden Jubilee of Sr. Georgia CMC .
George Joseph Matheckal Secretary writes...

The jubilee celebrations of Sr. Georgia CMC Matheckal Thazhathuveetil is celebrated today 25 April 2015 by all Family Members

The jubilee celebrations is at 10.30 am with the holy mass by the family priests and had a meeting after the holy mass in the St. Joseph Girls High School Arakuzha at 12.15 pm.

Georgia is the the eldest daughter of Rosa Nambiaparambil (Pookattu) Kallanical and Paulose Matheckel-Koniyekallunga Thazhathuveetil and born as Elishua. Her siblings are Mary Joseph, Philomina,George, Sebastian,Stanley.

Sr.Georgia is one of the rare spiritual diamonds of the Matheckal family serving God and the community for the last 50 years in the Carmalite order in the true path shown by the Saintly Chavara Kuriakose Achan.

It is a matter of joy and pride that Sr.Georgia is being felicitated on this day by all her family members. May their tribe increase. Members may give a prayer of thanks and gratitude to the good lord today.Thank you Sr.Georgia.

April 25,2015 - Matheckal Family Celebrates the Wedding of Jesley James

Jesley daughter of James Matheckal is marrying Renju George Polakkal Tripunithara.

Members of Matheckal Family may kindly wish, pray and bless Jesley and Renju a on this occasion and offer thanksgiving prayer for her

Members may use this occasion to thank the good Lord for giving us wonder daughters like Jesley and sons in law like Renju.

Matheckal Family Database update
Geroge Joseph Matheckal Vilayanickal, Treasurer is updating the Matheckal Family Database.

New members added are

PIN B027 - Mathew Eapen 3261-X Chathanatt Matheckel (CR)-MTM Kottaym
PIN B028 - Chinju-Irene 3179-X Matheckel (Thazhathekolembel)-MKB MVA
PIN B029 - Fiona Milson 3136-X Matheckel (Valamkudiyil)- MKB Arakuzha
PIN B030 - Dheeraj(S/o Rajesh) 3253-Y Matheckel (Erthadathil) - MKB Arakuzha
PIN B031 - Kedhar(S/o Capt.Manoj) 3213-Y Matheckel (Erthadathil) - MKB Arakuzha
PIN B032 - Nitin (S/o Saju) 3254-Y Matheckel (Erthadathil) - MKB Arakuzha
PIN B033 - Nikhil(S/o Saju) 3254-Y Matheckel (Erthadathil) - MKB Arakuzha
PIN B034 - Renna(D/o Renju) 3215-X Matheckel (Erthadathil) - MKB Arakuzha
PIN B035 - Nogha(S/o Joju) 3171-Y Matheckel (Erthadathil) - MKB Arakuzha

Matheckal Family Celebrates the Golden Jubilee of Sr. Regina
Anjana Abraham writes...

The jubilee celebrations concluded successfully by the valuable presence and prayers of the family members and other well wishers.

The jubilee celebrations started at 10.30 am with the holy mass by the family priests and had a meeting after the holy mass in the St. Joseph Girls High School Arakuzha at 12.15 pm.

The meeting was inagurated by the chief guest Rev Fr Joseph Kandathinkarayil.

A cake was cut by Elsy aunty and shared the joy of the golden jubilee celebration.

Sr. Fidelis matheikal, Sr. Dr. Theyedor and Sr.Marlin C J gave wishes to Elsy aunty.

Next was the thanks giving by aunty and followed by vote of thanks of M C Mathew Matheikal.

The meeting was concluded by the reception. Thank you all.

January 10 2014 -Golden Jubilee of Sr.Regina (Elsy Matheckal1939)
Sr.Regina IBVM Elsy Matheckal is celebrating her 50 years of religious life.
Eley 1939 is the youngest daughther of Pathrose Chacko and Mammy of Matheckal Akantiriyil, Arakuzha She joined the Patna Mission took the name Sr.Regina and worked in differents parts of the country including Nepal
Sr.Regina is a precious daughter of the Matheckal Family.
Brothers Mathew MC,Chacko Peter,Chacko Joseph and Chacko Thomas are celebrating this occasion on Januaary 10,2014 in Arakuzha

Members of Matheckal Family may kindly wish Sr.Regina on this occasion and offer thanksgiving prayer for her

Members may use this occasion to thank the good Lord for giving us so many religious among our families.

Sr.Regina Matheikal C J (Congregation of Jesus) started her missionary life as a religious sister in 1964.

She is in Nepal since 1972.
She had worked among the poor people in Nepal by helping families,visiting villages/distributing medicines,visiting jails, and helping them in leading a good life.

Sr. regina also worked as a trainer of Grass Fruit level adult literacy. She is now in Pokhara district, Nepal as the superior of the regional community and as the manager of the regional community school.She is celebrating her golden jubliee on 10-1-2015.

Janaury Highlights -Born -Died
members wish and pray for those born or died during the month of January

Born 5 George Jose 4231-YA -Matheckel,Arikuzha

Born 13 Mrs Tina Ryan Sequeira 4248-X -Sequiera's ,Hyderabad

Born 15 Mrs Schevone Davis Paracka 4247-X -Paracka,Trichur

Died 16 Late Mrs Eley Kuriakose Matheckal (1902-1981) 4009-Z -Matheckel,Arakuzha

Died 16 Mrs Mary George Matheckal(1925-1970) 4999-Z -Madappillil,Kakkoor

Born 18 Sr Susan Matheckel FMM 3137-X -Erthadathil,Arakuzha

Born 28 Late Sr.Agnes Matheckal CMI (1875-1919) 3008-X -Koniyekallungal,Arakuzha

Good wishes to our Religious
Let us wish the newly ordained priests in our families and religious who are celebrating their golden jubilees and pray for them to continue the good work they are doing.

Archbishop Mar George Njarlakkat visited Arakuzha on 8th Dec.2014. Archbishop George Njaralakkatt of Cherukulam Kudumabam visited Arakuzha on 8th Dec 2014 – the Feast Day of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

Arch Bishop Mar George Njarlakkatt is the first bishop from the stable of Cherukulam Family through Njarlakkat branch of the Maniyatt Family.

It may be recalled that five brothers of Cherukulam family moved to Arakuzha and settled in five different places Maniyatt,Pandarikunnel,Vallikkat,Puramadam and Matheckal in the 18th century

George 1946- Archbishop George Njaralkkat of Cherukulam family born in 1946 and appointed as the Archbishop of Thalassery Archdiocese assumed charge of his new assignment on October 30,2014. Earlier, he was the Bishop of Mandya Eparchy - Bishop Mar George Njarlakkat from January 18 in 2006 onwards .

Born on September 23,at Kalayantahani, Thodupuzha, Bishop George Njarlakkat had his education in St.Mary's High School,Arkauzha till 1960 and then at St.Thomas High School Nadayal,Wyanad.

Matheckal Kudumbam Committee felicitated the reverend Archbishop and presented him with two copies of the Matheckal Family Journal- A Reference Manual.

President MC Sunny Peter along with MC Mathew Matheikal Akantiriyil, KK John Kannathukuzhy and Joy Matheckal Thazhathekolembel and others represented the Matheckal Kudumbam

December 2014 Highlights Pray and wish those are born in December. Pray for those died during December

Died Dec 1 Mrs Thressiamma George(Pin A778)-4221-Z -Matheckel,Arikuzha

Born Dec 2 Kuriako George(Pin A773)-4009-Y -Matheckel,Arakuzha

Born Dec 4 Mrs.Dixy Matheikal(Pin A612)-3253-Z Matheckal Erthadathil-MKB, Arkakuzha

Born Dec 4 Sunny Iype (Pin 450) 3133-Y Matheckal Lakkot, Meenkunnam

Born Dec 5 Jesvin Sunny Matheikal(Pin A904), 3133-Y Matheckal Lakkot, Meenkunnam

Born Dec 19 George Paul(Pratap)(Pin A835)-4009-Y -Matheckel,Arakuzha Hyderabad

Born Dec 19 Philip John(Pramod)(Pin A836)-4009-Y -Matheckel,Arakuzha Hyderabad

Born Dec 21 Sr Jude IBMV(Pin A394)-3128-X -Matheikal Convent Road,Thekkummalayil

Born Dec 23 Fr.Cyriac Maniattu(Pin A069)-2026-Y -Vattakuzhy,Vazhakulam

Born Dec 27 Mrs Lisa Sojan (Bridgit 1971)(Pin A815)-4238-X -Plathottam,Karimannoor

Born Dec 28 Sr.Evugin (Anna1940)(Pin A072)-2029-X -Matheikal Kannathukuzy,Arakuzha

Died Dec 30 Thomas Matheckel(Pin A345)-3128-Y - Matheikal Convent Road,Thekkummalayil

Died Dec 31 Chacko(Pin A347)-3129-Y - Matheikal Akantiriyil,Thekkummalayil

November 30- Advent begins today to prepare for the Christmas Day.........

Annual Matheckal Kudumbam Tour 2014 Following Members have given names to join the Boating Tour on Dec 20,2014

Vaikom Thanneermukkam Arthungal Thangi Alleppy Kainakiri

1 Rev Fr Joseph Kannathukuzhi 2 Sunny(MG peter)3 Eliamma Sunny 4 Roy Kurian 5 Tobin roy 6 Dinu Mariya Roy 7 George Joseph 8 Sheenu George 9 Rajesh Mathew 10 Dixy Rajesh 11 Dija Rajesh 12 Deeraj Rajesh 13 James Peter 14 Sherly James 15 Emmanuel Thomas 16 Emmanuel MP 17 Joy Thomas 18 Jomy Jose 19 Shinto Jose 20 Ausepachen 21 Benoy 22 Leelamma Mathew 22 Pius George 23 George MP 24 Pauli George 25 Stanley MP 26 Lusi Stanley 27 Merina Stanley 28 Saumya stanley 29 Merita Stanley 30 Babu Peter 31Mini Babu 32 Kripa Elisabath 33 MP Baby 34 Lauly Baby 35 Francy Thomas 36 Sherly Francis 37 Avarchen 38 Shini 39 Jinnet 40 Jannet 41 Irin 42 Sunny aipe Lakkott 43 Jesvin Sunny 44 KK John Kannathukuzhy 45 Kv Jose (Thankachen Kannathukuzhy) 46 Denny

47 Baby(KuriakoseKJ)Thottumkalpedika 48 Mrs Kuriakose 49 KV John(Joychan)Kannathukuzhy 50 Mrs KV John 51 Jr.KV John 52 Jobin Kannathukuzhy 53 Thomas George Kannathukuzhy 54 Mathew Varkey (joy Kaliyel) More members are expected to join

Contact MG Peter (Sunny) and/or George Joseph Matheikal for further details

Executive committee of Matheikal kudumba yogam 2014

MG Peter(Sunny) Matheikal Thekkummalayil

KK John (Joy) Matheckal Kannathukuzhy

Roy Kurian Matheikal Thazutheveetil

Joint Secretry
JoseKV (Thankachan ) Matheckal Kannathukuzhy

George Joseph M Matheikal Vilayanickal

Executive Members
1. Rajesh Mathew Matheikal  Erthadathil
2. Jomy Jose  Matheikal Erthadathil
3. Emmanuel Thomas Matheikal  Vilayanickal
4. Emmanuel MP Matheikal Karotte Kolembel
5. James Peter  Matheikal  Akkanthiriyil
6. Benoy Joseph Matheikal Akkanthiriyil
7. Jose Kalliyel - Matheckal Kannathukuzhy
8. Denny Abraham  Matheckal Kannathukuzhi  Marika 
9. Thomas Mathew (joy) Matheikal  Kulambel
10. Leelamma Mathew  Matheikal Ackanthiriyil
11. Liji Jomy Matheckal Kannathukuzhy