History while commemorating the 225th Birth Anniversary of our Patriarch, Mathunni Matheckal, it may be mentioned that the History of the Matheckal Family was written first in Malayalam by Sunny T Matheckal and published in April 1992 by Mathew C. Matheckal. The narrative in Malayalam is largely indebted to the contributions of several persons by way of providing relevant records, documents, other supportive material and interviews in the buildup of the history of the Matheckal family. The first reference to the Matheckal family was found in the Family History of the Cherukulam family written by Fr. Luke Njarlakkatt and this book provided the stimuli for a thoroughly researched publication of the Matheckal Family. Late Fr. Mathew Matheckal and late Fr. John Matheckal along with Sunny T Matheckal, Sunny Peter, Mathew C Matheckal etc. were instrumental in the collection of records, documents, journals and dairies of earlier priests and religious of Matheckal families in the construction of various events and historical facts.



The search for the genealogy of the Matheckal family, its identification and traceability to its root family was largely possible due the efforts of Fr. Luke Njarlakkatt, the history of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate and the Kerala Sabha Charitram and other publications which were available at that time. The journey of the Matheckal Family’s search for its roots presents a vivid reading and enables the reader to visualize this journey into the time capsule like a well documented cinematic script for an experiential literary visual treat. The language and the narrative reflected the writing style prevalent in the 1950s. The design, layout and sequence of the history need to be lauded. History of the Matheckal Family published in Malayalam is one of the best designed and sequenced work and can be considered to be on par with any well researched publication. It is notable for its brevity of words too, punctuated with subtle humor, fun and some pregnant meanings specially when sensitive events or persons were referred to.


Matheckal family as per records is two hundred years old and traced to 1000 AD in its origin through its root family Cherukalam according to the records of the history of Arakuzha Church – St. Mary’s Forane Church and traced to 52 AD through Cherukulam Family to Sankoorickal Family which embraced Christianity  from St. Thomas the Apostle.


Origin of Matheckal family is traced to Cherukulam family. Cherukulam family is credited to be the origin of five families namely Maniyattu, Matheckal, Pandarikunnel, Puramadam and Vallikkat. Today there is no trace of any descendant of the Cherukulam (One Cherukulam family is reported to reside in Malabar) or Puramadam families in Arakuzha. Cherukulam family is traced to Nadukkara, Arakuzha and traced to Kumbattu family in Nadukara. Kumbattu family is traced to Ambatt family in Nadukara, Arakuzha. Ambatt family in Nadukara is traced to Ambattu family in Edapally; Ambattu family is a name derived from the Sankuri family over a period of time.

It is believed that one of the older descendants (probably in the 9th century) of the Sankoorickal family from Njarakkal settled in Edapally.