Family Journal

Family Journal of Matheckal Family

Matheckal Family Journal – A Reference Manual is the English updation of the original Malayalam version. Both versions are available to the reader.

This effort is an endeavor to the migration of its contents into English and to digitize it. The focus is to retain the original in both letter and spirit as well as to enhance the quality of the content with an eye on identification and traceability of each member mentioned in the original publication and subsequent additions so that this work in English would serve as a reference in future for one’s own search for identity and traceability where ever one is or would be.

This work aims at value addition also by way of providing a separate time line of Christianity in Kerala, the evolution of the Cherukulam and Matheckal families and its link with the Church in Kerala from the 1st century AD, list of member with a personal identification number (PIN) and Member Identification Description through a Member Code (MC), Statistical profiling, Matheckal Bedtime stories and some portent signs of the future times.

Part I The Caravan Begins and Part II The Caravan Moves Onis planned intentionally so that members may relate themselves with the growth of the church throughout the centuries and guided by it from falling prey to false propaganda in their religious practices. Part II is planned so that members may know the age old social practices and the current law of the land so that all their actions shall be ‘Morally correct and legally right’ for every female and male descendent of the Matheckal Family. These sections would serve as guide, reference and to enhance one’s knowledge of the laws of the society and land. Chapter 1 traces the link from 52 AD through Sankarapuri family to Cherukulam in the 18th century. Cherukulam Family being the root family of the Matheckal, it is only fair that a separate Chapter 4 is devoted to the Cherukulam Family History and also as a mark of gratitude. Main section is genealogy and contains 5 chapters(5-9) and included in Part II.

Part III The Caravan Looks Ahead is a peep into the future.Effort has been made to provide another section about the milestones and pioneering efforts of ancestors onwards and which can serve as stimulants for the future generations to reinvent the road map of their future and given in Chapter 10

Chapter 11 is a Journey Ahead and deals with what is happening around us and their impact on lives and areas to focus on.A statistical profile of families is included as Chapter 12. A Fun learning Exercise is given. This is a one line coded history of each member in a jumbled order for use during family gatherings. This is followed by a Healing Prayer of the Family Tree to be prayed every day for every member of the Matheckal Family. Prologue, Epilogue and Bibiliography forms other part of this journal. There are 65 tables contains list of members, families, Religious Nuns and Priests, statistical profile of all branches, list of members on the Facebook as given in the original Malayalam publication with page reference and updated information.

Family Journal


Year 2013

Family Journal Review by Dr.Michael Tharaka